SelectionRegionChanged on RMB

Started by fdcnred, May 27, 2014, 05:32:11 PM

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In version it doesn't seem like SelectionRegionChanged is being called on right mouse button nor is the imageBox.SelectionRegion changing.  I cannot seem to make a selection rectangle with my right mouse button.  Did something change or am I just missing something.  It used to work.


Richard Moss


According to the SVN logs, I changed it from "any" mouse button to "Left" only (as I think is more desirable really) just over a year ago in April 2013 when I made some changes to improve selection handling. I don't recall offhand what version that was, although evidently it's not a recent change :)

Unfortunately this time around I can't offer you an easy workaround - you'd need to explicitly compile your own version of the source and tinker the condition in the ProcessSelection method to remove the constraint I added.

Sorry about that. Potentially I could add a new property to control if Left or All is used in a future update. I just checked ye old MSPaint and also and they both allow you to do right click selection, so evidently my decision was a flawed one!

Thanks for pointing this out. If you do add a property of your own to control this rather than just removing the condition, please feel free to submit a pull request on GitHub!

Richard Moss