Image annotations text on IMageBox

Started by abenchaaben, March 12, 2018, 08:35:00 AM

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I'm using the imageBox control for 2 months and i have to say that it's save me a lot of time. Thank You. I'm trying to develope a image viewer with multiple ROI selection and i want to add the possibility of text annotations (ROI names) to the viewer.

I saw that thye are a topic on the forum but i can't view it (i dont know why)

Thank's in advance.

Richard Moss


Thanks for pointing out the issue with that topic; I recently had to rollback a bunch of stuff to get this forum upgraded to the latest version and it turns out that topic depended on a plugin I hadn't reinstalled. It should display correctly now.

Have you checked this topic? It describes how to use some of the native properties offered by the ImageBox control to render text. However if you want to display multiple labels you'll have to go outside the box a little, you can find a brief overview of options in this GitHub issue.

Hopefully any of the above resources will help, but if not please let me know!

Richard Mos
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Thank you,

I end up using the drawString feature and it work  :)