How to crawl remote sitemap.xml as the site source?

Started by chillybang, June 03, 2024, 05:42:33 PM

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I must say, I'm hardly impressed after switching from HTTrack to Cyotek - it is like a millenium switch :)

As a newbie I miss a feature or rather the way to find it - namely to crawl URLs from a remote, live sitemap.

I tried to add a sitemap as to "Load additional URLs from file" - but this doesn't work (rises an alert on saving).

Do I miss something? What is the way to crawl all URLs from a remote live sitemap? Saving site's sitemap locally to use it as an URL list isn't very useful because sites update their sitemaps...


Hi, I'm a new member.
Do you have any updates? I'm experiencing the same issue as mentioned earlier. The same version.