Registering ListBoxX 5 in Windows 10 32-bit

Started by AndyGreen, March 30, 2020, 08:17:45 PM

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The ListBoxX 5 OCX looks like something that would be really useful for an application I am writing in TestPoint. I do not have VB installed on my PC, but can use ActiveX controls in TestPoint once they are registered with Windows. What additional files do I require to be installed on my Windows 10 32-bit computer in order to register the ListBoxX 5 control with Windows?

Richard Moss


Thanks for your interest in this rather ancient control. Astonishingly enough, Windows 10 still ships with the VB6 runtime so the required files are already present. As long as the OCX is registered via an administrative action, then it should just work. The screenshot below shows a test in an old Windows 10 VM (you can ignore the registration of mscomctl.ocx, this is a dependency of the demonstration program).

[attachment id=0 msg=995]

Hope this helps.

Please note that these controls are totally unsupported at the current time.

Richard Moss
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