Using CLI with project file AND list of uris

Started by netzteil, June 02, 2022, 08:46:35 AM

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Hi everybody,

is there any possibility to use the CLI version and specify both, 1) a project file for all rules /settings etc. AND 2) an external argument list file that contains "uri" AND "/o" arguments?

I want to automate loading lots of different URLs, all do different output folders, which I want to define in an argument list file, but still use one project file with its settings to download all of them.

Right now, the documentation says "WCOPY uri | project [OPTION...]". So I should be able to define a project file AND still use the uri parameter to override the project's uri... So this option shouldn't be mutual exclusive...

Or am I just not seeing how this can be done?

Looking forward to any help, thanks!