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Started by focused, May 23, 2015, 09:05:27 PM

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I have been having the same issue as above. tried the different solutions to now avail.
the login page is
once you log in you get transfered to a page
the actual contents link path is

Richard Moss


Interesting. WebCopy doesn't "invent" URL's, so for whatever reason login.aspx probably does direct to MyPage.aspx after login. Form posting in WebCopy doesn't follow any redirects at all as it isn't supposed to care about them - it just needs to post the form and determine if that was successful.

What is the root URL for your project - this is the value that WebCopy uses to crawl pages. It sounds like it should be set to for you. (Any defined forms will always be submitted before crawling begins to set up cookies etc)

Generally, the more information you can provide on this type of thing the better - as you can imagine, diagnosing problems to systems I don't have access to is a touch difficult!

Richard Moss

Edit: I split your post into a new topic as it isn't the same issue as the thread you posted to
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i sent you some info hope that helps
mypage.aspx act as a menu
first time you click on any course you go to a link similar to this