Author Topic: Unable to capture form, manual entry test fails.  (Read 4349 times)

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Unable to capture form, manual entry test fails.
« on: November 29, 2019, 12:54:03 AM »
Hello, I've been trying to use this app to download my flickr library and site as its going to be deleted.

However, I need to login to do this and I'm having trouble. The built in web browser is internet explorer and flickr doesn't support it, so no page loads at all for me, or the login pages just tells me to update browser. If I'm logged in on chrome, sometimes it recognises me logged in, other times it doesn't. Either way it downloads like I'm not logged in.

I've tried manual entry but the test just brings up the same message and so the script never gets sent. Additionally, I'm having trouble understanding the syntax for manual form entry as the guide and faq aren't very clear to me. If I could input the details correctly manually without confirmation it might not be an issue but I haven't figured it out.
Is there any help you can give me?

EDIT: I've also added all the cookie name=value pairs and it still doesn't seem to work.
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