Local File Links issue + some content not displayed/downloaded?

Started by DavesNotHereDude, June 02, 2024, 04:07:54 PM

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I've having a hard time getting URL's to link properly on a site where the pages are hosted in multiple sub directories.


Although the root directory is https://guides.goingviralnewsletter.hookpoint.com/

The page I want to download started at https://guides.goingviralnewsletter.hookpoint.com/0c6dd8e9/school-of-hard-knockz/

I'm able download the site,  and when I open the below index.htm, I'm able to load the page (some images don't load, more on that later)

C:\Downloaded Web Sites\guides.goingviralnewsletter.hookpoint.com\0c6dd8e9\school-of-hard-knockz\index.htm

When I click a link on the loaded page, it redirects to file:///C:/0c6dd8e9/school-of-hard-knockz/LINK

Instead of the full URL.

Note, this is only when I disable "Remap references within downloaded file". When this is enabled, the index.htm on https://guides.goingviralnewsletter.hookpoint.com/0c6dd8e9/school-of-hard-knockz/ also loads "Your file couldn't be accessed" because it references file:///C:/0c6dd8e9/school-of-hard-knockz/

Second issue is some of the content doesn't load.

Couple examples:

If I download https://guides.goingviralnewsletter.hookpoint.com/0c6dd8e9/school-of-hard-knockz/ the banner image doesn't load.
If I download https://guides.goingviralnewsletter.hookpoint.com/0c6dd8e9/school-of-hard-knockz/video-references/ there are links to video's that don't render (not sure if that's fixable?)

The secondary issue is moot if I can't get the primary issue resolved.

I've searched through the forum and I've seen a couple suggestions (I thought Remap references within downloaded file was the fix for this issue, but oddly, when it's turned on, it seems to break the main index file within the root directly I added to start the crawl from)