Author Topic: How download a fórum (full copy) and make links work properly?  (Read 3909 times)

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Hello friends, sorry if this is a noobie question...

I'm trying to make a full copy of a forum, for academic purpose (I want to have it as data for further studies). The thing is that when start downloading the files are being saved as "index.php-1, index.php-2, index.php-3, ...", so when I try to navigate offline the links redirect to the online pages, and not to the pages that were downloaded!

Is it possible to fix this? Anyone can help me to fix this? So that I could navigate offline;  :'( :'( :'(
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Re: How download a fórum (full copy) and make links work properly?
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WebCopy should automatically remap the links to point to the local version. If you're able to share the address of the forum you're trying to copy I can take a look, it's always possible there's a bug.

Also, if you're able, please try the latest 1.8 nightly - this includes a specific bug fix relating to redirects which could potentially be the cause of your issue.

Richard Moss

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Re: How download a fórum (full copy) and make links work properly?
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It's a closed forum:

I'm trying to have a offline copy for academic purpose, tried other softwares, but they did not made the job, a lot of topics were not downloaded, and it added all members of the forum as "friends"...  ::) It was suppose to be a anonymous research  ::)

Other thing, I noticed that when downloading a thread it download the page 1, 2, 3 and the last one, but not the middle pages. I guess that is because in the main page, that's the "direct" links that apear in the page, for exemple:

Topic about something (click to get in) page 1, 2, 3 ... 1000 (if you click the numbers you go direct to the pages, but it don't show all the numbers, just a few, for preview)

How can I make the software to download the middle pages? Thanks

I'm gonna try download the newer version.

---Update ---

Its still renaming the pages as before, like "index.php-1, index.php-2, index.php-3, ...", but not the links, what makes the offline links not work...
Actually I don't understand why it rename the files at all. I'm making a comparison with the other software that I have here, that have a lot of problems, but not this one, it seems that it not rename the files, keeping the same structure as they have in the web, so the links work fine offline...

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