Downloading a MediaWiki with .php files, converting to .html ..?

Started by Ian-SAfc, November 01, 2022, 05:22:25 PM

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I'm downloading a MdiaWiki php site. 
All the pages are like www.mysite/index.php/Main_page
and www.mysite/index.php/Main_page/Strategy

The thing is, the WebCopy is downloading these pages as .html which is what I'm after, but the links within the page that take me to different areas of the website are still www.mysite/index.php/Main_page/Strategy,  when they should be file:///c:/mysite/index.php/Strategy.htm
(note the lack of .htm or .html after Strategy)

How do I get the WebCopy to convert the links within the pages to point appropriately (and add the .htm to the links in the downloaded pages) ?

(In project properties I do have Local Files > reMap > Always
and File Options > / ReMap references within dnloaded files)