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Local file paths not working

Started by KeithLa, December 08, 2014, 01:38:36 AM

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Hi, I'm new to WebCopy as of today, and trying to use it to locally archive a personal photo album website hosted

I've noticed WebCopy doesn't seem to be creating local paths correctly off of the top level index.htm, i.e. I see links set as:

     file:///C:/4390928" (which doesn't work)

...where the full file path should be something like:

     file:///C:/Downloaded%20Web%20Sites/ (1).htm

That second path does open ok, when specified manually in Chrome browser.

WebCopy also isn't downloading image files as expected from the CDN site that hosts my photo album, instead it just contains regular URI links to them, even though I've added the CDN domain to "Additional Hosts" (specifically,

I'm happy to privately share the photo album URL with Cyotek, but don't want to post it publicly on this forum.

Thanks for any support you can provide.

Richard Moss


Thanks for your message! I'm sorry you're having trouble with WebCopy.

The problem you mention with URL's is odd and shouldn't happen - they should be relative to the current directory and should not have an absolute path in them (regardless of said path being right or wrong :) ).

CDN support was a long overdue feature added in the last build. Although the existing tests written for it didn't identify any problems, it is an experimental feature so it's entirely possible that some sort of issue exists.

If possible, would you be able to email your WebCopy project file (just the .cwp) to [email protected] I'll see if I can spot what the trouble is, be it a configuration error in the project or an actual bug to fix.

Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience!

Richard Moss