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Started by jackuars, March 06, 2014, 01:34:16 PM

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I was using HTTrack earlier, and have found this software and I like it.

Am trying to download HTML tutorial from this site:

How can I get just the whole HTML tutorial offline (i.e) links to the left side bar under HTML Basic should be active too when clicking them.

It was possible to do this with the default setup in HTTrack but not with Cyotek. What settings should I change for this?

Richard Moss


I took a quick look at this and was able to copy the website, although not exactly.

As you are telling WebCopy to copy /html, that means it automatically excludes any URL's outside this path - including the CSS.  The links all worked though.

I suspect the problem is a poorly thought out default setting in WebCopy projects which is due to be overhauled in a future update. Have you tried changing the Remap file extensions by content type option? (You can find this in the Copy section of a project's properties). You can find a little more information about this particular issue here. Can you try this option and let me know if it solves your problem with the links?

With that said however, I did notice it wasn't mapping the non-/html URL's correctly when scanning so there seems to be a bug in there. That's a little surprising as one of WebCopy's many automated tests does a copy of a subpath in a testing website but judging from this copy there's an issue somewhere for me to look into.