Help to transforming hyperlinks

Started by alixira, February 03, 2019, 10:06:30 AM

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I'm using your sofwater to turn simple wordpress websites into static html. Everything works fine however I need to change some URLs.
I tried to understand but regular expressions are very difficult for me.  :'(
I need to know how to:
1) remove the word index.html in each link
Example: in the online website: after download -> /name-page/index.html how to remove index.html?

2) leave unchanged or change the domain site name
Example: in the online website: after download -> /name-page/index.html -  I need: or

3) always in the links, rename some words with the relative directories
Example: rename /wp-includes/ to /includes/ or to

I hope I have been clear enough,
and I thank you very much in advance for the help you will give me.