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Colour Names

Started by kalm, December 23, 2014, 09:06:02 PM

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Firstly, thank you for the colour palette editor, it is a wonderful tool.

I have two main programmes that I use regularly, and they both use .aco palettes for their colours, so being able to create my own palettes is amazing.

That being said, it would be nice to be able to sort the palettes into brightness, hue or value (which is very handy) without the programme forgetting the colour names. It would on the face of it seem to be an easy fix. However, sorting the palette renumbers all the index numbers, so maybe not so easy. Is it necessary that it does that?

Maybe you can put a section in the forums where users can post any palettes (or links to palettes) that they are prepared to share with others.


Richard Moss

Many thanks for your post.

In regards to the ordering issue, that's still on the todo list, haven't had much of a chance to work on updates to the editor recently.

Ideally the next update was to convert the application to use the new libraries that Gif Animator uses to allow for multiple documents, easier integration, etc. The name bug would have been fixed then.

I assume by the indexes you mean where swatches without a name become "Swatch 1", "Swatch 2" etc? Those names are "fixed" when applied, but now that you mention it I agree it would make more sense if unnamed colors dynamically used "Swatch nnn" and only saved a real value if the user actually edits it. So that has been logged.

Finally, in regards to posting of color palettes. I have no objections to users posting content like that on these boards - right now, it's kind of a graveyard so anything to help build some form of community around the different products would be cool. At the same time though, there's enough empty forums right now that I'm not in any hurry to add any more (and I never was a fan of subforums) so I probably won't create a dedicated area just yet. One of the other ideas for future updates was integration with other services such as COLOURlovers.

Hope this is useful!

Richard Moss



Thanks for the speedy reply.

What I mean by indexes - Each swatch has a name and an index number, so for example if you make a palette of three colours (lets say black, grey and white), you create the first colour - white - and it is automatically given the index 1 by the programme. You then create the second colour - grey - and it as automatically given the index 2, and then black which is given index 3. Sorting the palette by brightness, puts black as index 1, grey as 2 and white as 3. I would have expected the numbers to stay with the colour, unless the user specifically wanted the palette renumbered.

To take this a step further I would want to be able to be able to sort by index number or alphabetically, so that the author of the palette can always put the palette back into the order it was created.

I enclose a 133 colour palette of colours created from the 2009 Crayola Colour list shown in the Wikipedia article "List of Crayola crayon colors" Please feel free to use this palette any way you wish.

Based on my very limited experience creating this, my main focus was creating the palette in the same order as it was listed in the article. This means 133 alphabetical colours. Now suppose I'd missed one out. As the editor stands at the moment I would have to start again. Ideally, (as a sort of wish list) it would be nice if I could either insert a missing colour and renumber, or have some way of sorting each colour in the list (like move up or move down) and then renumbering.

Thank for listening to my rant, and I'm sure you have more than enough work to do without me adding to it ....  ;)

Richard Moss


Thanks for the clarification. I think I understand now - you want to be able to reorder how the palette is displayed without actually reordering the contents of the palette. Seems reasonable, I shall log that too.

Do note however that if you have missed out a color as in your example, can can drag and drop to reorder colors, from both the main grid and the list - that way you could add the swatch and just drag it to where you wanted it.

Thanks again for the feedback, and for the example palette!

Richard Moss


Thanks for the clarification on moving colours - that helps a lot .... guess I should think about reading the instructions!

Richard Moss

Just as a brief follow up, the bug where color names are lost when ordering the palette has been resolved and will be in the next update.

Richard Moss