LAB Colour Space not supported

Started by desbest, February 12, 2023, 07:41:45 AM

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I tried to open both an .aco and .ace colour pallete and it's not working as it says that the LAB colour space isn't supported.

I'm using version

You can see the error logs here.

Richard Moss


Thanks for the post. It is mentioned in the documentation that LAB isn't supported. One of the reasons is that the editor currently only offers RGB and HSL editors and a problem with that is precision loss, e.g. converting from CMYK to RGB and back can sometimes result is an ever-so-slightly different colour and so before adding more advanced spaces I wanted a proper suite of format-aware editors. I have a MDI prototype version of the program which has different dockable windows for distinct editors (currently RGB, HSL, CMYK, CYK) to which in time LAB, XYZ and more would be added. The last couple of years haven't been great however and all schedules went so far out the window they are in orbit.

So the long and the short is it is planned, but I couldn't begin to say when. There's a lot of catching up to do.

Richard Moss
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