Cyotek setup-cyopaled- crashes when sorting palette by hues - Win10

Started by frankiekam, March 30, 2017, 02:52:18 AM

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Hi Admin

I'm using Cyotek beta which I consider so much superior to the other offerings on the net. As attested by this review. No complaints except for one. I am using Windows 10 and whenever I sort palette by hues the program crashes. Sorting by brightness or by value works. Just not by hue.

I've uninstalled beta and installed beta. Same thing. No joy. Help!

I notice that Win10 installs the program under "C:\Program Files (x86)\Cyotek\Color Palette Editor". So I tried running Cyotek beta using WinXP compatability mode, no joy too. Crashes on sort palette by hue.

Frankie Kam

Richard Moss


Welcome to the forums. I'm sorry to say I actually fixed that bug long ago, but I've been a bit sloth in releasing new versions, aside from auto generated nightlies.

You can always grab the latest nightly from the download page, however bare in mind these are experimental builds created via our CI server. This means while they have had some level of automated testing and deployment checks, they haven't been installed and tested by an actual human. So while they may be perfectly fine, they equally may crash and burn (especially the current builds from 2017 as I rework the internal mess made of the palette formats and editors).

Any of the available nightly builds should resolve the specific crash you're experiencing - but I do plan on (finally) releasing new stable versions soon once I've finished some documentation housekeeping.

Hope this helps - glad you enjoy the product!

Richard Moss
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Hi Richard
Thanks! The Nightly build setup-cyopaled-1.0.0-build-180-nightly.exe did the trick. You saved my bacon.
Frankie Kam