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Started by j2j, October 07, 2017, 12:54:05 AM

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I use Cyotek Color Palette Editor version to create palettes.
The minior bugs reported by me seems to be fixed now in this version.

Unfortunatly the german translation of menu text is sometimes of google
translator type like "it sounding funny" and sometimes not understandable
like "Swatch-Bild". So i appended the table cyopaled269-utf8.csv.
First column contains "bad" German text used for menu in version
Second column contains new more suitable German phrases.

I hope that my proposed german text can be used in future versions.

With best wishes
Jörg Jenderek

Richard Moss


Thanks for the feedback!

All languages bar English are machine translated using Azure Cognitive Services and I'm very much aware that they probably don't make sense in some cases as there's absolutely no way of specifying a context that would help shape a more viable translation. However, given the amount of uninstallation feedback for products not being available in languages other than English I thought it was worth trying. I do plan on including the ability in the products to suggest new translations, but I haven't started that piece of work yet.

Thank you for providing the updated phrases - I've plugged most of these into our tool and should appear in the next update (there's still bits of the UI that haven't been translated yet so not all of them will appear at first).

Once again, many thanks for your continued feedback regarding the palette editor.

Richard Moss
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