Gif animator to produce Avi

Started by Bolee, August 21, 2020, 11:00:57 AM

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I was just wondering if the gif animator could be given extra functionality by making it produce avi files (no sound) and possibly apng (animated png files)?

I had made something similar in Vb6, where one drag and drops a series of images into a listbox. Then one can alter the order and add extra frames Finally one clicks a button to make an avi file. I can upload what I made if you like?

Regards Eddie Bole

Richard Moss


Thanks for the suggestion.

I'd considered AVI support in the past as GIF limitations can be a pain. However, I never really progressed with the idea as out of the box AVI is probably less useful and you'd need to re-encode it to MP4. Still, it's at the back of my mind to do at some point.

I never seriously considered adding APNG support as I was under the impression browser support for it was slim to none, although in fairness I haven't checked this for quite some time.

I've logged both of these as #360 and #361 so there's less chance of me completely forgetting and more chance of them being implemented.

Richard Moss