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file size?

Started by randym77, June 10, 2018, 12:58:11 PM

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I have been looking for a replacement for Ulead GIF Animator.  I bought it years ago, but cannot activate it on my new computer, because the license server is no longer active and Corel (the current owner of Ulead) seems to have abandoned the program.  I really loved it. Simple, but could do everything you needed it to.

Cyotek Gif Animator comes very close. The layout isn't as easy to figure out, but the only thing I really miss is that it doesn't seem to show the file size.  Ulead had an "optimize" tab, which showed the file size of the animated GIF, among other things.  That was very useful.  Tumblr, for example, requires animated GIFs to be 3 Mb or less, so it's really convenient to able to add or delete frames and check the file size without having to save the file and check the size in Windows Explorer.

Is there a way to do this with Cyotek that I'm missing?  If not, can I request that this feature be added?   :)

Richard Moss


Welcome to the forums and thank you for the question! This isn't something the software can currently do, but I agree that it could be a useful feature - it's been logged in our system and hopefully will make it into a future release.

You mentioned that the layout wasn't easy to figure out - if you can clarify any aspects that you thought weren't obvious I can look at those as well.

Richard Moss
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