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Delete Option?

Started by champs777, November 11, 2014, 10:26:32 PM

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Is there a delete option?  I have looked and couldn't find one.

In my case I have a folder called share.  I like to share photos with the family and when I post a link, I would like for the file to be available for 2 weeks, then auto delete.

It would be nice to be able to delete things on a schedule.
it would be even nicer if there were options in the files to copy tab that would let you say something like:

Match if:

Drop Down (modified date)

____ (textbox) Days/Hours/Minutes(drop down)

Just some more ideas =)

Richard Moss

There currently isn't an option for deleting files, but that could quite easily be added, that's something else I can look at for the next update.

In regards to more advanced filtering - I'll log it as an enhancement, but it's not likely to be implemented anytime soon as I want to avoid complicating the UI too much, I'm already planning on doing that by adding more scheduling options :)

Thanks for the further suggestions!
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