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Started by Jupklass, December 12, 2022, 02:03:15 PM

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Thank you so much for this controls.
I had a free tool (
wich use it and i ´m migrating it to .net6
I know there is no support but could it be possible to get the code and i try to migrate the controls to .net6?


Richard Moss


Source code for the controls is available from our GitHub page. With that said, I'm not entirely sure what the issue is - it should work with .NET 6 WinForms projects just the same as it worked with the older frameworks. I have to admit that although I converted ImageBox to be a multi-targeted SDK project I hadn't gotten around to doing that to the ColorPicker controls yet so perhaps there are issues.

If you do find there are specific bugs stopping it from being used in .NET 6 please either raise an issue on the GitHub project or add a post here and I'll add it to the exceedingly long list of things to do.

Richard Moss
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